P & B Roofing (Peterlee & Beyond Roofing) Peterlee, Co Durham.

Roofing Leaks & Roofing Maintenance   

Peterlee & Beyond Roofing, Durham will tend to any leaking roof, no matter how big or small. We also carry out roofing Repairs and maintenance across the northeast covering Co Durham, Peterlee, Seaham, Hartlepool, Washington, Sunderland, Houghton etc.  


The damage is often located in a different place to the leak itself, the problem is rarely where the roof is leaking. 

Water will find its way through the tiniest of spaces, the leak could be on the right hand side, but the damage could be somewhere completely different. Peterlee & Beyond Roofing are trained to assess where the leak has began,

don't waste your time calling companies to seal the leak, as the water will find another place to enter. Sealing the leak may solve the issue for a short while, but the damage must be addressed in order to solve the problem properly,

Do you want to be running for a bucket every time in rains? we are the roofing company that you can trust.

Roof leaks can cause damage to the interior of your home, its imperative that leaks are addressed asap before they cause damage to the structure of your home.

Whether your roof is 2 years old or 20 years old, regular roof repair and maintenance can save you the difference between a minor repair bill and a full new roof bill.



Guttering is blocked 

Debris builds up over time and can lead to gutter blockages this can be caused by several factors, leaves from trees, algae or even mortar coming away from the ridge or valleys.

A gutter blockage needs to be addressed asap to get the water flowing again.

Flashing has cracked 

Roof flashing may become loose over time, allowing water to penetrate the roof space. Even lead can curl up or perish over time.

Missing or broken tile

75% of roof leaks are caused by a missing or damaged tile or slate, if they are addressed quickly it will be a simple fix. 

Damaged Felt or Rubber on a flat roof

Flat roofs do perish over time and your roof may have reached the end of its life,  or it may need a repair.  Window cleaners are notorious for damaging flat roofs. They are not designed to be walked upon, but its generally the ladders that cause the damage. If a minor leak is detected and addressed in time then the decking should remain solid, However if a leak is left unattended, water will penetrate and damage the boards causing them to sag, if this happens a full roof replacement will be needed.

Valleys and Gables

Mortar needs to be maintained on a regular basis,

if mortar starts to perish and  fall this will allow water to penetrate.

Mortar is certainly the cheapest option, however there are maintenance free options available, such as uPVC dry verge and cloaked verge and flashing kits for valleys.

Condensation in the attic

Modern roofs are fitted with breathable felt, the majority of roofs in the UK have the old hessian felt and slate roofs don't have any felt beneath the slates. Breathable felt allows the roof space to breath and reduces condensation. Peterlee & Beyond Roofing offer alternatives such as vent tiles, soffit vents, roof windows etc.

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