Our Guttering comes in 4 different profile styles - half round, square, Ogee (see image below)Half Round – A half round guttering system is the original, especially around our region, its simple, and will work well for most properties.

Ogee – An Ogee gutter is reminiscent of crown moulding it has a classic, traditional look. This type of UPVC gutter would be best suited to older, more traditional properties as it would more closely match the architectural style, although that boils down to personal preference and you may love the way it looks on your newly built home. Ogee gutters can carry a good amount of water but debris is often built up because it has a hard time passing through it’s unique shape, therefore Ogee gutters will require regular maintenance and cleaning to make sure they do not become clogged.

Square Line – Our square line UPVC guttering is extremely popular here in County Durham and carries much more rain water than the half round shape.

Deep Flow – Deep flow gutters are ideal for large roofs or areas with a lot of rainfall. They hold more water than the other profiles. If you have a large house or your in an area where it rains a lot, this gutter is more likely to suit the practical needs.

in addition to our UPVC guttering, we also offer PVC cladding, barge boards, fascia's, and soffits. In a wide range of colours and styles.

As always, at P & B Roofing we stand behind our high quality products and excellent service.

We’re always here to answer any questions or to provide a free quote. If you’re looking to replace your home’s gutters, please give us a call.

Barge Boards

The barge board is the board installed to the gable end of a property. We supply and fit a wide range of barge board styles and colours.

If you have existing timber barge boards, providing the timber is relatively sound, then we would recommend using capping barge boards. Fascia Boards The fascia board the long straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roofline, these come in a range of widths and heights, colours and styles.

Soffit Boards If your current soffit boards are timber, replacing with our multi purpose soffit boards will be a great choice, they are 10mm thick and come in a range of widths. NEW BUILDS - New builds will require pre-vented soffits these have vent slots, which provide ventilation, equivalent to a 10mm clear air gap.

This will ensure that your roofline, meets current building regulations for new roofs which have a 30 degree pitch or above. Flat roofs or roofs with a low pitch will require a double vented board.


Provide a wide range of cladding solutions.

The most popular cladding, is the uPVC cladding. The reason uPVC cladding is so popular, primarily because it has advantages over traditional timber cladding, such as: Low maintenance – It does not discolour, which means it retains its appearance & it is weather resistant. Low cost – compared with timber such as Cedar.

Long Life expectancy – UPVC cladding has a long life expectancy of 50+ years.

Improved thermal efficiency – We use Cellular cladding which improves the thermal efficiency of a property.

There are three main colour choices when it comes to the pvc cladding; Light oak, Mahogany & White. DRY VERGE AND RIDGE SYSTEMS Avoiding Mortar Mortar has been used in roofing for hundreds of years. Its principle use is for ridges and verges. Whilst mortar certainly does the job, there are a number of disadvantages to using a cement mix.Firstly, mortar has a limited lifespan and requires regular maintenance!Cement will deteriorate in time through weathering. Secondly mortar is susceptible to cracking because of the natural movement within the building structure, particularly where the roof passes over solid masonry walls. Once this happens, the ridges, hips or verges can become dislodged by high winds, and will be susceptible to water penetration.


Dry Verge Systems

A verge refers to the junction between the roof and the gable end of the building. A gable refers to the wall that infills between two opposite roof slopes and usually finishes in a triangular shape. The traditional way of finishing the roof at a gable wall is to use mortar.

This usually includes a layer of plain tiles, slates etc.

Sadly, all too often this type of verge is poorly cemented leading to eventual water ingress. Even if properly installed a verge detail will require regular maintenance Dry verge systems help avoid these issues and the need for periodic maintenance of the mortar bedding.

For many tiles, special 'cloaked verge' tiles are available which neatly close the gap at the verge. Alternatively plastic dry verge systems are available which suit most tiles. These are available in single units, i.e. one piece per tile course, or in continuous lengths. These are attractive and highly functional ways to improving the overall appearance of your roof. The systems are easy-to-use and provide a neat, secure and mortar-less finish at roof verges. A dry verge system will also reduce the risk of wind damage, water penetration and will stop small animals getting into the roof space.





Do Dry Systems cost more than mortar?

This is not any easy question to answer as there are many systems on the market, plus a large proportion of the cost of both mortar bedding and dry systems is in the labour. As a general rule the cost of the dry system per linear metre of ridge or hip will be slightly more than the cost of mortar.

However, this additional cost of materials should be counter-acted by the labour saving benefit of using a mechanical system.

Some contractors don't properly consider the true labour cost of mixing the mortar, getting it up to the roof and the time spend bedding and pointing each ridge or hip tile. Also, they may forget that if a ridge is mortared, other means must be found to ventilate, which means additional cost in tile or ridge ventilators. On this basis using a dry system is usually cost neutral, that is until you take into account the future cost of maintenance. Universal Dry Verge

In addition to our UPVC guttering, we also supply and fit barge boards, fascia's & soffits which we supply in a range of heights & widths, suitable for most applications. We have styles in Flat, Square, Ogee and Bullnose.

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